MUTAPE001 c10
edition of 25
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a.freewitch -the yellow air of spring.
b.J.Bartee -Also, Yes.
Hailing from the blue ridge mountains of s.w. virginia, freewitch now uses the heat of atlanta to provoke his feedback jams. inspired by nature and space, he believes creativity holds no boundaries, from the sandstorms on mars to the supreme knowledge a river rock holds.
'the yellow air of spring' was inspired by the intensity of a georgia spring...layers of pollen and extreme excitement for the the summer to come, hot and sticky.. recorded with bass, big muff and bow in one take.
J.Bartee is a VA native currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Recordings are sporatic and range from found sounds to acoustic loops to full on electro stylings. The only main theme in John's songwriting seems to be psychedelia and deep thought.
'Also, Yes' is a 3 part track. The first part is a tune written to the thought of wandering down a city street on a hot summer's day and observing all of the hustle and bustle of the everyday american's hectic life.As the tune fades away, you can hear the underlying sounds of Atlanta in the background. The second part is looping guitar meant to take you away from the hustle and into a cerebral day dream, still hearing the birds and Marta trains of the city underneath. The third track is just dessert. Some heavy bass fuzz to bring the listener back to reality. Enjoy the journey!


freewitch/J.Bartee split c10
june 2011


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